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This page is to assist students in the Diploma of Community Services Work, Undertake Research Activities unit, get started with understanding research proposals and research data.

Books in the library

These books include information on defining topics, qualitative and quantitative research, ethical issues, and research proposal structure.

Deciding your research topic, aims & objectives

What is qualitative research?

A research technique used to uncover motivations and emotions rather than analyse purely numeric data.

Qualitative research techniques include surveys, interviews, observation, focus groups and case studies.

A smaller sample size can be used to verify quantitative research.

What is quantitative research?

Research methods used to generate numerical data or statistics through large scale data collection, such as surveys.

Reference:  Dawson, C. 2006. A Practical Guide to Research Methods: A user-friendly manual for mastering research techniques and projects, 2nd ed., How to Books Ltd, Oxford