Assignment skills


A few quick tips about paragraphs.
1.  Start a new paragraph:
   -   for each new idea
   -   for the Introduction and Conclusion
2.   Each paragraph should have:
   -   a topic sentence summing up main idea of the paragraph
   -  explanation of the main idea
   -   supporting evidence that is referenced
   -   a concluding sentence that links to the next paragraph
Helpful resource

Connecting words

Connectors are words that link sentences together in your paragraphs.

Connectors will improve your writing style and allow your writing to be more persuasive.

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Suggested phrases and words

Use a variety of phrases and language to make your writing more interesting and engaging for the reader.

The Manchester Academic Phrasebank is a great resource that provides suggested phrases and language to use.  Use the menu down the left hand side of the website.