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Bendigo TAFE Library

Library collections

The Library aims to provide resources and information to support all subjects taught in the Institute. Books, periodicals and DVDs are classified according to the Dewey Decimal system. Books and DVDs are accessed via the Online Library Catalogue. Bendigo Staff are able to request items to be purchased. Please contact the Acquisitions Librarian on 5434 1429.

Audio Visual Resources

A small number of Camera’s, tape players, CD players and hand-held mini cassette recorders are available for loan by Bendigo staff and students from the Loans and Help Desk.

Independent Learning Collection

Material in this collection includes fiction and non-fiction books to assist students of English as a Second Language (ESL) or with learning difficulties. These resources are colour coded by reading level, and have a call number prefix ILC.

ILC also comprises a separate collection of resources for Teaching staff to borrow.

Easy reading books are in a separate collection for use by all students and staff including Child Studies students, and have a call number beginning with ‘E’.

Magazines / Periodicals

The Library subscribes to a small number of magazine titles. Current issues have a call number prefix of PR and are shelved in Dewey Decimal order. All magazines are for loan including current issues. Numerous magazine/journal articles are available through the electronic databases the library subscribes to, available online through the Library Catalogue.

Bendigo Staff are able to request items to be purchased.

Please contact the Serials Librarian on 5434 1429.

Music CDs

The Library has a collection of Music CDs available for loan. Music CDs have a call number prefix of CD.


The Library receives daily copies of the following newspapers:

The Age, back issues are kept for 2 months.
The Herald Sun, back issues are kept for 2 months.
The Bendigo Advertiser, back issues are kept for 2 months.

Newspapers are not for loan, but may be photocopied.


Books in the general book collection support the curriculum taught at the Bendigo
Regional Institute of TAFE. They are shelved in Dewey Decimal. Textbooks are sold in the Mines Bookshop.

Other Collections



Graphic Novels


Multiple copies and historical resources are shelved in the Stacks Collection which is located in another building. Library staff can retrieve resources from the Stacks
Collection for use in the Library but prior arrangement needs to be made at the Loans and Help Desk.