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Animal census taking 590.7232
Reptiles 597.9
Turtles 597.92
Lizards 597.95
Snakes 597.96
Birds 598
Kangaroos and Wallabies 599.22
Australian Possums 599.23
Wombats 599.24
Koalas 599.25
Bandicoots 599.26
Marsupicarnivora 599.27
Monotremes 599.29
Bats 599.4
Marine Mammals 599.5

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Books in the Library

Radiology of Australian Mammals

Gives a detailed account of the unique radiographic anatomy of Australian mammals.

Current Therapy in Medicine of Australian Mammals

Provides wildlife professionals with the most up-to-date information on the medical management of Australian native mammals. 

Medicine of Australian Mammals

This book is the first comprehensive text on the medicine of Australian mammals.

Pathology of Australian Native Wildlife

Brings together all of the available information on the anatomical pathology of Australian native vertebrate wildlife, excluding fish.

Field guide to wildlife of the Australian snow-country

Comprehensive field guide to Australia's high mountain fauna and environment - an environment that extends for more than five degrees of latitude.

Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia

For each of the 1,218 species there is a description of its appearance, distribution and habits, includes frogs, crocodiles, turtles, tortoises, lizards, and snakes.

A guide to Australian snakes in captivity : elapids & colubrids

Information on all aspects of captive husbandry relating to the most commonly kept species of Australian Elapid and Colubrid snakes.

eBooks in the Library

Australian Mammals : Biology and Captive Management

Represents a complete and comprehensive guide to the husbandry of Australian marsupials and other mammals. 

Australian Wildlife after Dark

Australia is a land with many animals found nowhere else on Earth. Many are active only during the cooler evening and night-time and so are rarely seen.

Bouncing Back : An Eastern Barred Bandicoot Story

A beautifully illustrated story of this marsupial's plight and how it was saved from extinction.

Australia's Amazing Kangaroos

Information on kangaroos and their relatives. There are 71 recognised species of kangaroo found in Australasia.

Bird Minds : Cognition and Behaviour of Australian Native Birds

A fresh view of the behavior of Australian native avifauna, presenting a portrait of cognitive well-equipped species.

Australia's Dangerous Snakes : Identification, Biology and Envenoming

Examines the biology, natural history, venom properties, and bite treatment of medically-important, venomous marine and terrestrial snakes.

Illustrated Fauna of Victoria

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