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Research Help: Legal Materials

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Referencing a legal case

Referencing a Legal Case:

In-text citation format

The title of the case (year). Note: Include the year with the first citation. The year can be dropped in subsequent citations.

Reference List format

Case Name (in italics) year (in brackets) volume number reporter abbreviation starting page


In-text citation example

R v Williams (2007).....

Reference example

R v. Williams [2007] VSC 131. Available from


  • Ensure that the brackets (either round or square) used in your citation match the type of brackets used in your source.  
  • This is a basic guide on how to reference a legal case using AustLii, for more detail consult the Melbourne University Law Review Association, & Melbourne Journal of International Law. (2010). Australian guide to legal citation (3rd ed.). Melbourne, Australia: Melbourne University Law Review Association. (AGLC)

Courts of law

Federal jurisdiction:

State jurisdiction:


JadeJade (Judgments and Decisions Enhanced) from BarNet is a database that contains decisions of selected Australian Courts and Tribunals.



The Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
is a vast database of legal information.
Primary sources include:

  • Legislation
  • Case Law
  • Treaties
  • Decisions of courts and tribunals from most Australian jurisdictions (High Court, Federal Court, Family Court, Victorian Supreme Court, County Court, Magistrates' Court, etc.)

Also includes journals, commentary and weblinks.

Full Screen mode delivers a clearer picture.

Commonwealth Case Law

Victorian Case Law:

Australian and Victorian legislation online