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The anti-bias approach in early childhood

The content of this book is essential to everyone in the early childhood community as we work together to make children's lives beautiful and inclusive in pursuit of a fair and equitable world.

Teaching and Learning in Aboriginal Education

A seamless blend of the practical, personal and theoretical helps pre-service teachers prepare themselves for the challenges and joys of teaching Aboriginal students in urban, remote and rural primary and secondary schools.

The aboriginal early childhood practice guide

An early childhood education book that guides educators to embed Aboriginal perspectives into curriculum based on anti-bias approaches.

Building bridges : literacy development in young indigenous children

Builds the bridge between what Indigenous parents and their communities see as important about what their young children know and are able to do, and the teaching and learning process currently followed.

eBooks in the Library

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy : Working Towards Decolonization, Indigeneity and Interculturalism

The contributing authors are from a range of diaspora, indigenous, and white mainstream communities, and are united in their desire to challenge the hegemony of Eurocentric education.

Roots and Wings : Affirming Culture and Preventing Bias in Early Childhood

Use the updated activities, examples, and research to improve your anti-bias and multicultural education programs. 

Feather Boas, Black Hoodies, and John Deere Hats : Discussions of Diversity in K-12 and Higher Education

Challenges our beliefs about difference and acceptance. Grapples with the idea of difference and the importance of inclusion in educational environments.

Peacebuilding, Citizenship, and Identity

Schools have become centers for learning how to engage with people's multiple ethnic and cultural origins

Origins: A Sustainable Concept in Education

Although we live in an era of multiple identities and belongings, origins still seem to matter. Talking about one's origins can be highly sensitive.

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