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Loyal"Loyal" by yugurtz is licensed under CC BY 2.0, accessed 16/2/2022, reproduced with permission

**NOTE: the attribution appears on the right hand side of the screen when you select an image. Then add the two other statements for BKI compliance.

mallow cake close up photoPhoto by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash, accessed 16/2//22, reproduced with permission

NOTE: Click on the 'download' button when you select the image, the attribution will appear and you can copy it. Then add the two other statements for BKI compliance. *Beware of iStock photos which are chargable*

Britannica Image Quest *PLEASE NOTE: This database will be phased out by early 2023*

Britannica Image Quest is a database of images which have been rights-cleared for non-commercial, educational use. That means that you can use them in your assignments and teaching.

You must always give a citation with each image you use, which is provided with each picture.
TEACHERS PLEASE NOTE: This resource will be phased out in early 2023 so any images used in teaching resources will need to replaced by then. Unlike an image stock site subscription, we do not own downloaded Britannica images in perpetuity. 

BKI's Shutterstock (stock image) licence - BKI staff only

BKI has an image licence for Shutterstock which is an image stock site.

Teachers, please search the site and send the URL link of the image(s) you would like downloaded to your Portfolio's Product Partner. They are HACCOE, Construction & Industrial & Automotive (Sue Kirby), FAFCOE (James Hallal), Foundation, Pathways & Corrections (Kerri Coakley) and Professional & Creative Industries (Shani Marshall, Kerri Coakley covers Business & Management).

Your Product Partner will email you the image(s) with the correct attribution statement to include in your resources.

Featured images from Britannica Image Quest

Britannica Image Quest

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images / Universal Images Group

Britannica Image Quest

C. DANI-I. JESKE / De Agostini Picture Library / Universal Images Group

Britannica Image Quest


Britannica Image Quest

Scott Barbour / Getty Images Sport / Getty Images / Universal Images Group

Britannica Image Quest


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Always check the terms and conditions of each site for copyright. Attribution of images is always required under Australian copyright legislation.